Building distributed, Big data Applications with Apache® Hadoop™ YARN

Apache® Hadoop™ is helping drive the Big Data revolution. Now, its data processing has been completely overhauled: Apache Hadoop YARN provides resource-management at data center scale and easier ways to create distributed applications that process petabytes of data. This books shows you how to develop new applications and adapt existing code to fully leverage these revolutionary advances.

Through this book, you can learn how YARN increases scalability and cluster utilization, enables new programming models and services, and opens new options beyond Java and batch processing. It will walk you through the entire life-cycle of a YARN application, from installation through deployment.

Coverage Includes

  • YARN’s goals, design, architecture, and components— how it expands the Apache Hadoop ecosystem
  • Exploring YARN on a single node
  • Administering YARN clusters and Capacity Scheduler
  • Running existing MapReduce applications
  • Developing a large-scale clustered YARN application
  • Discovering new open source frameworks that run under YARN

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