ARUN MURTHY (@acmurthy), a full-time contributor to Apache Hadoop since its inception, founded the Apache YARN project. As architect/lead of the Yahoo! Hadoop MapReduce development team, he held technical responsibility for providing MapReduce services throughout Yahoo! He is founder and architect of Hortonworks Inc., formed by key Yahoo! Hadoop team members to accelerate Hadoop development and adoption.

VINOD KUMAR VAVILAPALLI (@tshooter)is Hortonworks’ lead developer and project lead for Apache Hadoop YARN. He has been involved in HadoopOnDemand, Hadoop-0.20, CapacityScheduler, Hadoop security, and MapReduce before YARN happened.

Murthy and Vavilapalli both serve on the Apache Hadoop Project Management Committee.

DOUGLAS EADLINE, PhD (@thedeadline), launched his career practicing and chronicling the Linux Cluster HPC revolution and now documents Big Data analytics.

JOSEPH NEIMIEC (@josephxsxn), a Hortonworks Big Data solutions engineer, focuses on designing Hadoop solutions for many Fortune 1000 companies.

JEFF MARKHAM, a Hortonworks solutions engineer, previously worked on distributed data applications at VMware, Red Hat, and IBM.

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